Identity for a Nestlé Brand of imported International frozen foods.

Brand for an entertainment space atop the Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro. it contains four separate environments that offer different entertainment options.

Branding for “State of the Art”, a TV series in Brazil about contemporary art.

Brand Identity for a health clinic for uninsured women in the Bay Area.

Brand Identity for a plant-based hair products company.

Brand Identity for Brazil’s National Cinema Agency, a governmental regulatory institution.

Brand Identity Manual for Ancine – Brazil’s National Cinema Agency.

Application of Brand Identity on stationery and signage.

Identity for an online store specialized in water treatment and filtration.

A water filter to be used on existing water bottles. EcoFilter is a product associated with the Aquastore.

Visual Identity for a nutritional service for kids with behavioral issues, focused on gut health.

Logomark for a web portal listing local businesses and resources.

Graphic Identity for a Public Library in the Midwest.

Brand Identity for a Laser devices manufacturer.

Identity for a Sony innovative screen pixel technology.

Visual Identity for the Green Dot, an app that measures the environmental impact of consumer-goods packaging.

Identity for an aerospace manufacturer, specializing in precision welding.

Application of Brand Identity on capabilities brochure.

Application of Brand Identity on capabilities brochure.